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Welcome to my parlor,
said the wasp...

I have chosen a wasps' nest for my home page because in the sunshine, there is no finer yellow than the wasp's. In the woods, no predator is harder to outrun. You are safe if you stay out of a wasp's single-minded way, doomed if you stand between it and anything that smells like meat, or worse yet, if you yourself smell like meat. Stick a shovel into a wasp's nest, and you may be changed forever. That's a wasp's nature.

It is also the nature of good stories. Here lie white lilies, magical balloonists, sentient trees and wind, a boy with leaves for hair. Here, too, lurk man-eating mushrooms, spiderbeasts, and a glass cat with a dubious agenda. Enter the home of Nancy Etchemendy, writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror for children and imaginative grown-ups of all ages...if you dare to stick your shovel into the nest.