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Polar Teeth
11 February 2008, Finney @ 7:58 pm

Just a quick one tonight, because Ms. Shripnol (also known as Ol’ Shrapnel) gave us a ton of homework and I haven’t finished mine yet.

Today I had to go to the dentist to get my Polar Dental Examination. There’s a whole list of stuff we have to do before they’ll “clear us for deployment.” They being the company the U.S. government has hired to organize all the little details of the trip, such as making sure everybody’s teeth are good to go. They don’t want us to get out there in the middle of the ocean and then get a terrible toothache. At first I thought, well, what’s the big deal. There must be a dentist down there somewhere. But then I realized it is a big deal, because we’re going to be thousands of miles away from the nearest dentist. It would be totally lame to turn the ship around and go home because somebody got a toothache.

So I had to sit in the chair and hold still while my dentist took x-rays and looked around in my mouth and made little notes on the form from the Polar Services company. When he was done, he said my teeth are so good I could bite a chunk off an iceberg, but not to try it. I’m ahead of Rainy and Ash. Rainy has a cavity and she has to get it filled before she can go. And Ash hasn’t had his appointment yet. He’s worried that they’ll make a big stink because he has braces, but I looked on the instruction sheet and it says braces are cool as long as he has a note from his orthodontist.

Okay, now I’m doing my homework before Mom catches me on the computer.