Gib Finney’s sequel to THE POWER OF UN
8 May 2008, Finney @ 8:07 pm

Whoa! One of the MBARI engineers, Kim Reisenbichler (I hope I spelled that right) just sent us an email to let us know that we are probably going to see a volcano erupting as we fly over Chile on our way to the icebreaker, which is going to be happening May 26. I got a Spiderman calendar for Christmas (the tag said it was from Roxy, but seriously, how is a six-year-old going to buy a calendar? It’s safe to say she had help). And I have been marking off the days. There are only 18 left before we leave.

But I’m getting off track. To get to the icebreaker, which will be waiting for us in the port of Punta Arenas, Chile, we will fly to Dallas, Texas, and from there to Santiago, Chile. (Where everybody will be speaking Spanish, which I am not so hot at. Rainy is acting all smart because she is hot at it. I am planning to practice a few things like “where is the bathroom.” Luckily I already know how to ask for a Coke. And how to say “please.” “Por favor.” Which is always handy, especially if you are accidentally acting stupid in a foreign country, always a danger.)

I checked it all out and it looks like Kim is right and we are seriously going to see this volcano called Chaiten spewing smoke and lava right after we leave Santiago! Here are some pictures (above), but there is a whole news story and more pictures here. It’s a news site, so WARNING, I don’t know how long the link will be good.