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Baby Icebergs
10 June 2008, Finney @ 7:07 pm

[This post written 6/10/08; position: lat -57’49”, long -44’28”; temp 1C; wind chill -13C]

Today was a better day almost all the way around. First, at the science meeting this morning, Paul showed us some video the RC airplane made before it crashed. See above. The plane got some totally awesome pictures of the top of the iceberg as it was flying over. So its last flight was not wasted at all. The scientists got some valuable information from it. Like…the top of this iceberg is way flat, and looks pretty smooth, too.

Another good thing was that Paul told us they have two more planes. I sort of knew there was a second plane, though we have never seen it. But there are also enough spare parts to make a third plane, too. Ash just about jumped for joy when he heard this, and Rainy and I breathed a sigh of relief. Rainy said, “Whew, I was getting worried about Ash, he was so sad,” and I agreed. It was very great to see him smiling again.

Also, we three saw the mysterious comment on yesterday’s post from “Snowball.” This answers some things we were curious about. As Kim was getting the plane ready to fly, we noticed something in his pocket, and later he put the something on the wing of the plane and took a picture of it. Now we know the something was Snowball, a little white cat who seems to be a stuffed animal, but who knows. Strike seems to be a stuffed animal, too, but with unusual powers. Maybe Snowball has them, too. See above. At first, we thought Snowball was going to ride on the plane. This seemed pretty dangerous, and I guess it was. So I’m glad Kim kept him (her) in his pocket instead!

Other exciting stuff: it was foggy and windy, but the wind is coming from the north. I know this does not sound especially exciting, but wait, there’s more. At home, wind from the north is totally bad news, because it’s cold. But everything is backwards down here. In the Antarctic, the north wind is coming from warm places, maybe even from the equator. So we have had warmer temperatures today. So warm, in fact, that big hunks of the iceberg have been breaking off. It’s weird, but when hunks of an iceberg or glacier break off, it’s called “calving,” as in cows having baby calves. I guess this sort of makes sense, especially when you see an iceberg that has just calved, and all these baby icebergs are suddenly in the water.

We have not actually gotten to see the iceberg calve. It happened at least twice today, but when nobody had their camera out. Sometimes, nobody sees it at all. We just see the big waves and the baby icebergs afterwards. First Mate Rachell gave us a talk about being sure to keep all the outside hatches closed in case we get a big wave from the calving. Then we had another emergency lifeboat drill, which is always fun. This time we got to get into the lifeboats again and strap into our seats, which I like a lot because it feels like being a paratrooper getting ready to jump out of a plane.

Tomorrow, more adventures I am sure.

2 Responses to “Baby Icebergs”

  1. snowball Says:

    Hi Nancy!

    Snowball is not just a stuffed animal. SHE has magical powers, just like Strike. We know this because she sends us messages through our thoughts and dreams.
    We hope she and Strike can get together soon and have fun.

    We miss all of you,
    Sarah and Liz Reisenbichler (Snowballs Mom and Grandma)

  2. Lorenzo Lynberg Says:

    Hi. Those icebergs are HUGE!!:0 Why are they so flat on the top? Is is because of erosion? I hoope Strike doesn’t speak again. That’s just plain creepy.

    Too bad about the plane,

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