Gib Finney’s sequel to THE POWER OF UN
Iceberg Hunting
7 June 2008, Finney @ 8:05 pm

[This post written 6/7/08; position: lat -57’49”, long -44’28”; temp -5C; wind chill -24C]

So much for sea legs. Mine swam away this morning and have not been seen since. We crossed a very rough patch of water today in order to get to our iceberg of dreams. The good news is we found it, and it is just right — about two miles long and over a hundred feet high, and pretty much all by itself out here in the big, black waves.

In other good news, it is warmer today, because we have come further north. It is still cold, and the clouds are dark and low and we haven’t seen the sun all day except for about 30 seconds.

The bad news is that the wind is blowing way too hard to fly the plane. We will see how it looks tomorrow. If it is still blowing too hard, Jake, Steve E., and Kim will try throwing the GPS beacons up on top of the berg using Jake’s giant slingshot idea. First they will test it out with some small sandbags they bought in Punta Arenas. I am looking forward to watching this, if I can stand up long enough without hurling.

Today Steve E. used a harpoon gun powered by special gunpowder cartridges to shoot marker tags into the iceberg so we can keep our place as we sail around it mapping it with lasers and sonar tomorrow. I’m beginning to see why my future self becomes a scientist. 🙂