Gib Finney’s sequel to THE POWER OF UN
Mama Icebergs
11 June 2008, Finney @ 9:11 pm

[This post written 6/11/08; position: lat -57’49”, long -44’28”; temp 1C; wind chill -13C]

I thought this was going to be kind of a boring day. When we woke up, the water was very calm and there was a lot of fog — so much that we could barely see the iceberg. It was warm again, too, not even freezing. So warm that birds were sitting on the deck, see above. I don’t know what kind of bird this is, because I couldn’t see its wings. But I am guessing it was a petrel. Almost all the birds seem to be petrels, except the albatrosses.

It seemed like a good day to stay inside and see what the scientists were up to. So we went down to the main deck and found Vivien and Nicole, who work on microscopic life forms. They were sitting in a little refrigerator room with about a zillion gallons of seawater in big jugs. See above. They get samples of water, and then they filter the life forms out until there’s only one liter of water left and it is chock full of little live things from the ocean. There are so many of them in that small amount of water that it makes them very easy to study. They have to keep the water cold, the same temperature as the ocean, which is freezing or just a little below. Vivien and Nicole are very nice, and very into what they are doing. They said they would tell us when they had microscope slides of the stuff they found. That will be cool.

Then we came back to the cabin to wash up for lunch and dude, Strike was sitting right on the desk and while Ash was in the bathroom, he said, “Gib, don’t get too close to the water today. Something’s going to happen.”

Dude! He about scared me to death! And then it turned out he was right. Just a little while ago, a huge hunk fell off the iceberg and made a big wave. This was the major calve of the century, I think. These are not baby icebergs. More like mommy icebergs. More soon!