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Wild Things
26 June 2008, Finney @ 7:46 pm

[This post written 6/26/08; position: lat -56’48”, long -47’48”; temp 2C; wind chill -14C]

As you can see, if you are following our position with a map, we have spent the day traveling mostly west and a little north. We are in rough seas, with the waves coming toward us at an angle. For a while, we were going at the speed of 12 knots, but Captain Mike slowed us down to 8 knots, because with the waves and stuff, going slower is easier on the ship — and probably on us passengers, too!

Not very much is happening on the ship now, because we have left the icebergs behind, and most of the scientific equipment can’t be used when we are moving this fast anyway. Ash and Rainy and I spent the day playing cards, watching movies, raiding the galley for hot chocolate and cake, and reading. We are reading Treasure Island right now. We only have one copy of it, so one of us reads aloud and the other two listen, and we take turns so no one’s voice gets too tired. Being on a ship is a lot different now than it used to be. Thank goodness.

My big excitement today was going out on the aft deck to watch the petrels. There are always at least a couple that like to follow along behind the ship. Today they were Cape petrels. The wind was blowing pretty hard out there, but the petrels seem to love it. They look almost like kites sometimes. Then they dip down to skim the waves, watching for things to eat, and they look like birds again. My petrel was a snow petrel — not like these. I didn’t see it today. I hope it is not gone forever, even though I know it probably is.

When I was thinking over the question of what today’s blog should be about, I thought of all the pictures people besides me have taken on this trip. We have all put our pictures on the ship’s big computer so everyone can see them. Dude, there are lots of good photographers on this trip! So I decided to put up a few of my favorites not taken by Gib Finney. I might have to do this more than once, there are so many good ones. Here are the ones I picked for today:

The top one was taken by Kim Reisenbichler, who I think of mainly as one of the RC airplane pilots. But he is also a marine biologist. These are the penguins we saw on the small iceberg the other day. He captured two of them slip-sliding off into the water. That is so hard! He is an awesome photographer. The one in the middle is a krill, taken by Stephanie Bush, who works with Dr. Robison at MBARI. Dude. Her pictures folder is full of great photos like this, of all the weird creatures the researchers have found in the Tucker Trawl and the MOCNESS — all kinds of worms, jellies, squids, little crustaceans, and stuff that looks almost too weird to be real. The third picture was a mystery that I had to solve by asking people questions. The picture was taken by Tim Kramer. The guy in the picture is Rob Sherlock, who works at MBARI and is a marine biologist and all-around tech guy kind of like Kim. But what is he holding? It looks like a doll, and it is! It’s a doll of Max from Where the Wild Things Are, and it belongs to Rob’s little boy. Rob says doll Max has had his picture taken with almost every piece of equipment Rob has worked on. Cool, huh? Max and Snowball should get together with Strike and have a party. 🙂